Andrea Hubbell Photography

Exposing what dwells within.

photo: Sarah Cramer Shields

photo: Sarah Cramer Shields

I seek to reveal the inner story in everything I photograph, be it a family’s home, an architect’s newly finished space, a chef’s delicately arranged dish, or a retailer’s carefully cultivated product line.

I specialize in interior, lifestyle, and culinary photography, drawing on my background and education in architectural design to focus on form, space, composition, and color in each image I create.

When I am not behind the camera, I enjoy collaborating with my husband, Brian, on design and house projects and showing our young son, Clyde, the wonders of the world in which he lives.

I create timeless, evocative images of . . .


for Professionals

Seeing a space from its creator’s eye is crucial for builders, designers, and architects. My background in architectural design allows me to zero in on the key elements of a space, showcasing those vital components and the skill invested by the professionals who created it.

for Homeowners

The images of the homes I photograph preserve a singular moment in time — perhaps one of transition, such as before a home is listed on the market, or one of transformation, after a home is constructed or renovated. To create these images, I view the space from the inhabitant’s perspective, carefully capturing the distinctive details that tell its story.


Retailers recognize the importance of brand identity, and a vital element in developing a brand is creating consistency in its visual media. I help clients develop a language of images for their brand — one that will stand out to potential customers. The result is a catalog of images that are approachable, engaging, and memorable.


Food crafted with care reveals the love with which it was made, and that passion and pride are what I aim to record in my work with chefs and restauranteurs, with images that reflect a unique dining experience. When I photograph a restaurant or its dishes, I focus my lens on the experience of its guests, recording its ambiance through colors, light, and distinguishing details.

Food Culture

In collaboration with co-creator Sarah Cramer Shields and writer/editor Jenny Paurys, Our Local Commons captures the stories behind meals shared at the tables of local chefs, farmers, growers, bakers, craftspeople, and food enthusiasts. We share the stories we’re told and the skills we’re shown with our readers on our website and in our publications, so they can better utilize the vast local food resources our community has to offer.

I create timeless, evocative images for . . .


Architects, Designers, and Builders

Food and Beverage Industries

Makers and Shop Owners

Editors and Creative Directors

Hospitality Industries

. . . but always for people who love detail. In collaboration with my clients — from homeowners, to architects, to chefs — I seek to create images that evoke the experience of a space, authentically represent the subject matter by utilizing natural and available light, and capture a unique perspective.

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