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Country House 2013


I am just starting to emerge from the fog of having a newborn join our family.  Clyde is sleeping a bit more at night and is finding his way into happy, alert awake time during the day. This past weekend we joined friends for a weekend in Montross; our first nights away from home with Clyde.  We spent a weekend last November at this same wonderful house with these same fabulous friends, minus our two babies. It's amazing how much life can change in twelve months. Maybe next time we visit I'll figure out how to balance caring for and enjoying our son while also capturing photographs; the latter task was limited this year. Even so, these are memories I don't want to forget and I am glad we have a few moments captured at this beautiful place.

For a better representation of the Country House, visit this post.

The Granary - Natural Retreats

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Looking for a getaway within reasonable driving distance to Charlottesville? Search no further. Natural Retreats offers a variety of homes for a family vacation or weekend retreat in Bath County, VA.  I was there in June to photograph a number of these unique homes and fell in love with several, but one in particular: The Granary. I loved it so much that I returned two weekends ago with Brian and the pups in tow.  See the bottom of this post for some of our Instagrams from our stay.

From our weekend at the Granary. Photos from our iPhones, via Instagram (@andreahubbell and @brianmhubbell).

Meghann + Derek | Married 01.05.2013!

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Meghann and Derek were married at Birdsong Barn in Florida this January!  I loved the 'Rustic Snowflake' theme of their day; the textured barn wood and sparkly snowflakes complimented each other in a very appealing way. M + D were so adorable together; Derek's calm personality perfectly balances Meghann's bubbly nature. They laughed their way through their portraits, making silly faces at each other and causing fits of giggles that made them so much fun to photograph.  And the dancing!!!  They, and their guests, knew how to party.  What a fun night!

Meghann + Derek...congratulations!!!  Much love to you both.  xoxo, A

Please Support Beyond the Flavor!

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Most of you are aware of the project I co-founded at the beginning of 2012 -- Beyond the Flavor.  Sarah Cramer Shields and I wanted to create a website dedicated to telling the stories of the people behind Charlottesville’s thriving food and drink scene with beautiful imagery and heartfelt words.  We launched the site in March, asked food writer Megan Headley to start contributing August, and have published 50+ features, happenings, and other food-related posts in the site’s 10-month life. If you visit our Cheers to 2012 post you’ll see that we’ve been very busy!

So far, Beyond the Flavor's been a labor of love for us. While our incredible readers (that's you!) have filled us to the brim with gratitude and encouragement, we want to see the project grow and to become your #1 resource for everything food- and drink-related. 

We have just launched a 28-day Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising $20,000 to help pay for a website that goes far beyond its current blog format.  

What can you expect? Features will still be front-and-center, but displayed with a browse-able carousel of images. You'll hear and learn from past contributors through our Checking In and Kitchen Skills departments. You'll get access to a searchable recipe index or can peruse the Flavor of the Month, Make This, and Drink This departments for inspiration. Interactive additions will allow you to submit and rate recipes too. An online dining guide will prove handy to anyone looking to dine out at one of our area's 200+ unique restaurants. 

We hope that you'll consider donating so that we can keep doing what we know we are meant to be doing. 

To read more about our project and to support Beyond the Flavor, view our Kickstarter campaign by clicking on the link below:

Please feel free to share our project with friends and family, and thank you for your support!



*Watch this video to learn more about our project!

hubbells in spain - san sebastian + bilbao!

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The second half of our trip was spent in the Basque country of Spain.  We loved our experience in San Sebastian and are eager to get back as soon as we possibly can.  Brian and I feel a kinship with a few cities; Charlottesville, New Orleans, and now San Sebastian.  This is a place that we could see spending a lot more time in, and know that whenever we're in Europe we will be finding some way to visit this beautiful city. 

We loved our hotel, the Hotel Londres. The first photo, below, is the first glimpse of the bay that we had when we arrived, from our hotel room balcony. It was perfect. We slept with the balcony doors open every night so that we could hear the waves crashing below. I was obsessed with the view, so you'll see many images from this same perspective throughout this post.

Again, I've made notations where photos are not self explanatory. Please leave a comment if you have any questions for us!

Happy New Year!

There were so many stairs leading into the bay. I can imagine how fun this would be in the summer, when the water is much warmer than it was during our November visit!

The old harbor.

The Museo San Telmo.

Still the Museo San Telmo. A convent turned into a museum in the 1920s, and renovated recently. We loved the intervention of modern lines into an historic space.

I was obsessed with this stair. Museo San Telmo.

The old sanctuary in the convent-turned-museum. These murals depict the worst events in human history and were very dark. They are currently being restored.

We love Eduardo Chillida, and were thrilled to find some of his work in the Museo San Telmo.

The light in the late afternoon was magical.

Jamon Iberico de Belota. (above)

Pintxos (the Basque version of tapas) at Baztan, one of our favorite bars.

We hiked up Monte Urgull to see the view of the city.

Just above the Museo San Telmo.

Pintxos at Casa Alcalde

Cafe con Leche! Every morning.

We went on a Chillida pilgrimmage. His sculptures are scattered around the city. Below, the Abrazo (hug).

Chillida - Homage de Titian

Chillida - The Wind Combs!

I am standing on a blow hole that pushes air displaced by the waves below. I thought I would be soaked.

Chillida - La Cruz de la Paz at Good Shepherd Cathedral

Bahia de la Concha. LOVE. This was a warm day and the beach was active with locals enjoying the sun.

Still the view from our hotel room. Incredible.

Typical breakfast for Spaniards - cafe con leche, orange juice, toast with jam. 

The promenade around the Bahia de la Concha is lined with this lovely handrail.

The streets of the old town in San Sebastian.

Now, Bilbao. We were there only for a few hours, to fly out the next morning, and the Guggenheim was closed. We still enjoyed seeing it from the outside.

Puppy, by Jeff Koons.

hubbells in spain - madrid!

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Happy New Year, friends! 2012 was a fabulous year for the Hubbells, but one of the highlights was certainly our trip to Spain in November. Brian and I finally, after nearly seven years of marriage and ten years together, took our honeymoon! We chose Spain because neither of us had ever been and, let's be honest, the food is incredible! We spent four days in Madrid, five days in San Sebastian, and one day in Bilbao. 

I've got part one for you today; the four days we spent in Madrid. We loved this city, but felt that our four days there was the perfect amount of time. We saw all that we wanted to see without feeling rushed. We stayed up late, slept in, decided what we wanted to do each day when we woke up, and stumbled upon restaurants and bars without much research or planning ahead of time. We new the food and wine would be good everywhere we went, but found that the smaller hole-in-the-wall places were our favorites.

I've tried to give names of places I've shown if they aren't obvious in the images, but if you have any questions for us please leave a comment or send me an email. I'll have Part 2, San Sebastian and Bilbao, up tomorrow! Enjoy!

tapas and sangria at txakolina

brie and blackberry jam wrapped in jamon (above)

blood sausage wrapped in thin potato, fried, with a quail egg on top (below)

museo del prado

san gines chocolateria for chocolate con churros

plaza mayor facade (above)

san francisco el grande basilica (below)

entrance to plaza mayor (above)

albondigas! (below)

the crystal palace, in the parque de madrid

art installation in the crystal palace, from the museo nationale centro de arte reina sofia

still the parque de madrid

the royal palace

jamon iberico de belota : the most regulated food on the planet. and quite possibly the most tasty.

pimientos de padron, patatas alioli

lamb sweetbreads

happy holidays!


Wishing you a happy holiday from the Hubbell Family! 

1. Hank anxious for us to get up and open presents

2. A Mark Kurlansky Christmas

3. Florida palm tree in Fort Myers

4. Fresh tangerine juice mimosa

5. Panettone French toast, Double H Farm breakfast sausage, mimosas for Christmas morning breakfast

6. Hank + Lucy opening their stockings

a weekend away at the country house

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It was a whirlwind to get out of Charlottesville (sort of) on time. Brian and I let out a deep sigh of relief as our car followed the Shields' to the Northern Neck. We arrived at dusk, after a quick stop for fresh oysters, the pink sky reflecting in the windows of the 19th century house evidence of a just-set sun. Sarah quickly showed us around, in the back door and out the front to admire the expansive river view. Circling around the back again we carefully stepped through the woods to the dock on the quieter inlet, the sky now a brilliant royal blue.

In the house Matt had a crackling fire going in the kitchen and oysters out, ready to be shucked. The dogs watched patiently as one by one the creatures were released from their shells, their briney juice mingling with the tang of fresh lemon. We each downed our share, then set to work preparing dinner.

With another fire roaring in the living room, we all settled in with a dinner inspired by Beyond the Flavor; steaks with avocado + jalepeno salad and potatoes roasted in duck fat. The red wine flowed and the dogs finally settled in, satisfied that we were there to stay, and eventually joining us on the furniture.

The next morning brought sunshine and warmth, and the opportunity to fully explore and get acquainted with the house Sarah's known her entire life. Charming and modest, without the modern conveniences of heat or dishwasher, the house forced us to get back to basics. We donned extra layers and fuzzy slippers and made our way downstairs to the waiting pot of coffee.

After a Hubbell breakfast of cheesy polenta, home-cured bacon, arugula, mushrooms, and a poached egg, we took turns at the sink washing away the remains of a very satisfying meal. The dogs had the run of the property, and convinced us that it was time to make our way down to the dock for a swim.

Back inside, a few hours and bottles of champagne and VA cider later, we started prepping for an early evening meal. Butternut squash roasted until completely tender while beets and carrots were sliced for salad. The perfect fall lasagne was assembled and baked as brussels sprouts married bacon in a saute pan on the gas range.

With such perfect weather, and knowing that there would be few opportunities to eat outside until Spring, we set up a table out on the lawn. The sun set as we dug into the bubbling pan and clinked glasses in celebration of a very relaxing day. More about this meal, photographed for a magazine, soon.

The next morning brought even more warmth and the desire for coffee on the dock. Inside, Team Shields prepared breakfast; kalamata toast with roasted garlicky tomatoes + thyme, sauteed mushrooms, Hubbell bacon, and a poached egg. There may have been ginger cake for dessert, too.

With just a couple of hours remaining before packing up the cars for our drive home, Matt shucked the last of the oysters on the dock as the dogs swam laps around us. With sweatshirt sleeves pushed up we all exclaimed over the warmth of the November Sunday, wishing we could stay for just one more day. Promises were made for more weekends like this one in 2013, and we're holding the Shields to it.

Thank you Matt, Sarah, Charley, and Crosby for sharing with the Hubbells a place so dear to your hearts. We are so grateful.

elizabeth + andrew | engaged!


Elizabeth and Andrew are getting married April 27, 2013!  We spent a lovely Charlottesville morning in early October wandering the City Market, Downtown, and Riverview Park with their sweet pup, Lloyd. These two were high school sweethearts and have so much fun together, and Elizabeth has the most amazing laugh!  I loved getting to know them better, and meeting Lloyd who will be part of their Pippin Hill wedding next Spring!

So, before we lose power (and all of our leaves!), enjoy this lovely Autumn morning spent with Elizabeth, Andrew, + Lloyd!

ginny + wes | married 09.29.12 in abingdon, va!

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Ginny + Wes were married in Abingdon, Virginia on September 29, 2012! The sky threatened rain throughout the day, but cooperated and delivered a sunshine-filled ceremony and walk to the neighboring reception just after. Autumn had just arrived in Abingdon, kissing the trees with hints of red and orange. Ginny's grandmother graciously offered up her home - an incredible structure that functioned as a bank during the Civil War - for the reception. Guests nibbled on small bites throughout the evening, and many of them hit the dance floor for a party worthy of the very happy couple.  Wes even jumped on stage to reunite with his former band, charming his new bride in the crowd below.

Ginny + Wes...we have so enjoyed getting to know you these last few months! Congratulations on your new chapter and life in Charlottesville...we want to get together for whiskey at the C+O very soon!  xoxo, A+B.

elizabeth + andrew | engaged!


It was a beautiful morning for an engagement session at the Charlottesville City Market! I had to share a preview of Elizabeth + Andrew, who merrily laughed their way through the colorful stalls picking out produce. What a great way to start the weekend!

Elizabeth + Andrew, we are so excited for your wedding next April at Pippin Hill, and I can't wait to share the rest of the images from our time together this morning.  Happy Saturday!