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Published: Charlottesville HOME Magazine

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See even more images of this Hollywood-inspired home in Charlottesville HOME Magazine.

Scout is Out! Charlottesville Vol. 5

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A good part of my winter was spent working with Heather Halsey, editor of The Scout Guide - Charlottesville, to create the fifth volume in the beautiful Charlottesville series. What a pleasure!!! Each photo shoot was so different, with a wonderful variety of people, spaces, and products to capture. Below are a few of my favorite spreads.

Be sure to pick up the new book, available in shops and restaurants all over Charlottesville! You're sure to find inspiration cover-to-cover.

Thank you, Heather, Susie and Christy for folding me into your awesome team!  xoxo.

Our team: Heather Halsey + Andrea Hubbell.  Many thanks to Cramer Photo for capturing my portrait. :)

published | cville abode | abby kasonik's studio

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The newest Cville ABODE is on stands now! The feature story this month focuses on the live/work studios of three local women; two artists and one designer. I loved meeting each of these women and photographing their lovely, creative spaces.  Each deserves their own post, and today I am starting with painter Abby Kasonik's backyard studio. I love the bright, open space with oversized plants and a collection of unique found objects. 

beyond the flavor | a lot of action!

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There has been a lot happening over on Beyond the Flavor these last few days!  

We have Tucker Yoder from The Clifton Inn sharing his recipe for a Seasonal Garden Vegetable Medley.

C-Ville Weekly featured us in their Farm To Table issue, on stands today!

We covered the Blue Ridge Oyster Festival, and got rained on.

And have been busy playing with baby goats and ducks. We have a new post up on Beyond the Flavor every week...we hope you're joining the fun!

published | edible blue ridge - art of charcuterie

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This season's issue of Edible Blue Ridge has a feature article about of my favorite subjects!  Many thanks to Collin Donnelly and The Red Hen in Lexington for this fun and informative photo shoot. And for the dinner it inspired a month later at The Red Hen, during which we (Brian, Sarah, Matt, and I) consumed one of those pig heads shown below.  Yes...we did.  And it was amazing!!!

published | cville weekly - gardening with native plants...

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I love my job, every day. But there are some days when I really, really love my job. Such as the two mornings that I spent in these lovely gardens outside of Charlottesville, capturing nature with my camera while absorbing the words of two very knowledgable ladies. Thank you, Cville, for offering me such wonderful opportunities.

The newest issue of Cville Weekly is focused on the upcoming Historic Garden Week. The images here are of native plants, the subject of the feature story. I wish my backyard was this beautiful!

published | the clutch guide

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I am so honored to have been asked to write, style, and photograph a story in the new wedding publication, The Clutch Guide. This bridal luncheon was inspired by the Friday lunch at Galatoire's we experienced during our last trip to New Orleans. For the recipes of some of our favorite NOLA dishes, check out pages 47-53 online

Many thanks to Jennifer Prince of Hill City Bride for asking me to be part of such a beautiful publication!

published | a room of one's own

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To follow my images of Cate's home, I wanted to share this image from the March issue of Abode. It is the space of Iñaki Alday, chair of the Department of Architecture at UVA, and partner in the firm owned by he and his wife, aldayjover. I love this quote that Cate captured from Iñaki:

"A compliment we received from a photographer once was that our work is hard to photograph. We think this is good. It means the qualities are not obvious and staged in a way that looks like a set. I have a hard time with spaces that are designed only to look great in a photograph. Rooms are meant to be lived in." - Iñaki Alday