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beyond the flavor

beyond the flavor | breakfast and pizza and pintos, oh my!


I've done a horrible job of keeping up with images from our features on Beyond the Flavor over here on the Andrea Hubbell blog. Be sure to check out these amazing people and their delicious recipes! 

And, if you're not familiar with Beyond the Flavor, here's what we're all about: Our mission is to inspire readers with the stories of Charlottesville's farmers, chefs, winemakers, and artisans told through beautiful photographs and evocative words, most often centered around their preparation and sharing of a meaningful meal.  By documenting who makes up this town that's so dedicated to the locavore movement, we aim to be the visual voice for everyone who believes that ideal nourishment comes from the earth, people, and passion within our own communities. (thank you, Megan Headley, for summing us up so perfectly.)

Now, go eat!

Will Richey, with Breakfast

Michael McCarthy, with Pizza and Chesapeake Baked Oysters

Leni Sorensen, with Pinto Bean Soup and Cracklin Cornbread

beyond the flavor | a lot of action!

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There has been a lot happening over on Beyond the Flavor these last few days!  

We have Tucker Yoder from The Clifton Inn sharing his recipe for a Seasonal Garden Vegetable Medley.

C-Ville Weekly featured us in their Farm To Table issue, on stands today!

We covered the Blue Ridge Oyster Festival, and got rained on.

And have been busy playing with baby goats and ducks. We have a new post up on Beyond the Flavor every week...we hope you're joining the fun!

introducing...beyond the flavor!


After several lunches, many glasses of wine, long hikes with our dogs and an inspiring trip to New Orleans with our husbands, Sarah and I took a leap and combined our two visions to create this delicious collaboration. We love working together, and are thrilled to finally share our new project with you. 

Introducing...Beyond the Flavor!

We believe that recipes are deeper than the ingredients used to prepare them, and are reaching beyond the flavor to capture the stories behind meals shared at the tables of local chefs, farmers, bakers, and food enthusiasts. We hope you'll visit, sit back and enjoy the stories behind the meals that fill our town.  This is just the beginning.

Tara Koenig - Dutch Baby

Tomas Rahal - Duck Confit Tortilla