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pizza + pasta + sandwiches oh my! | mona lisa pasta

Food, Restaurantandrea4 Comments

A continuation of my work with Mona Lisa Pasta (remember ravioli day?), I bring you a behind-the-scenes view of pizza and sandwich-making from one of the best lunch spots in town. Seriously...have you stopped in for a Val d'Aosta sandwich or a slice of their daily pizza?!? So delicious. Definitely our go-to lunch locale these days, especially when you're looking for something quick to take away with you.

After this session Jim sent me home with a variety of pastas and sauces, which I prepared and photographed in my studio. And then ate...over multiple days...of course. 

Enjoy! And then make a date to visit this fabulous shop. 

PS: these images will be used for the rebranding and new website of Mona Lisa Pasta, coming soon. For a preview, check out designer Matt Thomas's website.

blackened redfish

Lifeandrea2 Comments

happy friday, friends! I hope you've had a pleasant week, despite the not-so-spring weather we had in charlottesville. my birthday was tuesday, and my gift from brian was a set of beautiful cast iron pans. we had to break them in, of course, and the most obvious choice for us was chef paul prudhomme's famous blackened redfish. i am working on a new orleans taco recipe for bella eats which isn't quite perfected yet, but as soon as it is, i'll be sharing!

have a wonderful weekend...will I see you at the charlottesville city market tomorrow morning?!?

spring is just around the corner...


...time for all of you chefs, restaurants, bakeries, groceries, caterers, and all other foodies to start thinking about your Spring marketing materials! Lucky for you, AHPhoto is running a special for the month of February. Book a culinary session before 02.28 for 10% off of your session fee! The session can be scheduled for any time this year, but requires a 50% deposit to reserve the date.

I look forward to hearing from you!