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Brookville Cookbook

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Photographing a cookbook has been a dream of mine for four+ years now, ever since I created Bella Eats in 2008. I am thrilled and excited to be working with one of the best chefs in Charlottesville, Harrison Keevil, and my Beyond the Flavor partner, Sarah Cramer Shields, to create the first Brookville cookbook.  Exciting things are in the works, friends!  2013 is off to a great start.

For a sneak peek of our first shoot, check in at Beyond the Flavor.  And, please consider donating to our Kickstarter campaign!  We'd be so grateful.

beyond the flavor | breakfast and pizza and pintos, oh my!


I've done a horrible job of keeping up with images from our features on Beyond the Flavor over here on the Andrea Hubbell blog. Be sure to check out these amazing people and their delicious recipes! 

And, if you're not familiar with Beyond the Flavor, here's what we're all about: Our mission is to inspire readers with the stories of Charlottesville's farmers, chefs, winemakers, and artisans told through beautiful photographs and evocative words, most often centered around their preparation and sharing of a meaningful meal.  By documenting who makes up this town that's so dedicated to the locavore movement, we aim to be the visual voice for everyone who believes that ideal nourishment comes from the earth, people, and passion within our own communities. (thank you, Megan Headley, for summing us up so perfectly.)

Now, go eat!

Will Richey, with Breakfast

Michael McCarthy, with Pizza and Chesapeake Baked Oysters

Leni Sorensen, with Pinto Bean Soup and Cracklin Cornbread

galatoire's friday lunch

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One week ago we were at Galatoire's for one of the best dining experiences we've ever had. And it wasn't just about the food. The celebratory ambience, hospitable staff, wonderful company, and an invitation to photograph the kitchen of one of New Orleans' oldest and most famous restaurants made our afternoon unforgettable. 

Friday lunch at Galatoire's is a New Oreans tradition. Locals gather to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, reunions...any excuse for a party. We arrived late and were seated at 2pm after cocktails in the upstairs bar. The first thing you notice when you walk into the dining room is the revelry...people up and about and shouting across the room. We sang Happy Birthday at least 6 times to guests dressed in their absolute best. Feathered hats, sequined gowns, dripping can't overdress at Galatoire's. Our table was in the back corner, the perfect place to view the festivities surrounding us. Our waiter, Imre, has worked at Galatoire's for 40 years, and when he found out this was our first visit he quickly snatched our menus away. From the kitchen poured the restaurant's favorite dishes...soufflé potatoes, shrimp rémoulade, oysters rockefeller, crab salad, poisson crabmeat yvonne, poisson mèuniere amandine. And then, Imre and Executive Chef Michael Sichel invited us into the kitchen. Sarah and I may have squealed...and jumped up and down a few times, too. 

Welcome to Galatoire's...

the other stuff

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the light was beautiful today as I photographed a recipe for bella eats. while risotto simmered away i set the table, and noticed that the light was quite nice on the 'other stuff' i was using to style the images. it reminded me of my new living space series, and the importance of capturing details beyond a specific subject...