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mona lisa pasta

pizza + pasta + sandwiches oh my! | mona lisa pasta

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A continuation of my work with Mona Lisa Pasta (remember ravioli day?), I bring you a behind-the-scenes view of pizza and sandwich-making from one of the best lunch spots in town. Seriously...have you stopped in for a Val d'Aosta sandwich or a slice of their daily pizza?!? So delicious. Definitely our go-to lunch locale these days, especially when you're looking for something quick to take away with you.

After this session Jim sent me home with a variety of pastas and sauces, which I prepared and photographed in my studio. And then ate...over multiple days...of course. 

Enjoy! And then make a date to visit this fabulous shop. 

PS: these images will be used for the rebranding and new website of Mona Lisa Pasta, coming soon. For a preview, check out designer Matt Thomas's website.