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kelly + anthony | married 06.23.2012 in port orange, florida

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Kelly + Anthony were married on June 23, 2012 in Port Orange, Florida. The gray skies threatened to release their heavy burden throughout the afternoon, coming so close to fulfilling the forecast we'd all been anxiously watching for days. Kelly was determined to be married outside, even offering to wipe down chairs if they were rained on prior to the ceremony. Her perseverance was rewarded and her hopes came true with only a few lone drops just before she walked down the aisle to meet her future husband. It was a beautiful ceremony set against the backdrop of Florida greenery, underneath lacey Spanish moss, filled with laughter and tears, just as the couple wanted.

This wedding was one of many firsts for me. First time shooting as prime photographer without Brian by my side. First time flying with all of my gear, trying not to completely flip out when my camera bag couldn't be carried on to the teeny, tiny plane out of Charlottesville Airport. First time employing a second shooter, who happened to be an old friend of mine with her own company in Orlando. Tara was amazing. First time having a sinus infection while shooting a wedding. First time shooting a family wedding, where I knew a good third of the guests. First time scheduling a massage for the morning after, anticipating the exhaustion my body would feel after flying, being sick, and shooting. Best decision, ever. 

I loved documenting this day, and feel so grateful that my cousin, Kelly, asked me to fly to Florida for her wedding. It was a pleasure meeting Anthony for the first time and seeing how much he adores Kelly. I saw and hugged family that I rarely get to visit. I was even able to meet the fiance of my other cousin (and Kelly's sister), Meghann, whose wedding I will fly back to Florida to capture in January. The challenge of flying to a different state, to a venue I've never seen, to light and weather patterns I am not used to was invigorating. I am so, so pleased with this collection of images from Kelly + Anthony's day.  

K+A, thank you. I wish you so much happiness, and can't wait to see you again in January! xoxo.

[Thank you, Tara, for shooting with me! It was a pleasure.]