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meet lilly!

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Brian and I have reached that point in our lives when just about everybody we know either has a baby or is expecting. We are surrounded by chubby cheeks and tiny toes! I've so enjoyed photographing the little ones who've already arrived (a bit too much, which is scary for both of us!) and look forward to the many more on the way this year.

Brynn and I went to architecture school together in Florida, and were roommates for two semesters. She is the first of my undergraduate college friends to have a baby (our other roommate is due in February!) and I was so excited that she contacted me to photograph little Lilly. It was such fun to catch up with Brynn and Jesse, and to meet their sweet little girl. Lilly was a dream during our session, and didn't even protest too much with all of the outfit changes. And look at that head of hair!

Brynn and Jesse, thank you for choosing me to photograph your family. Hopefully we will see you all this Spring!

Baby sneezes may be the cutest thing ever...

When Lilly is fussy, Jesse gently blows on her face and she instantly calms down. So sweet.