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Virginia Distillery Company

Food, Spaceandrea1 Comment

I loved working with the Virginia Distillery Company to capture images for their new website designed by ID Company. We shot the first image of the bottle and glass in the C&O bar, a classic Charlottesville spot with moody lighting. Bottles are always challenging; bottles in a dark space are especially challenging and this image made me push myself in an exciting way.

The distillery is located in Lovingston and will soon feature a visitor's center where the public can learn more about their Virginia Highland Malt Whiskey!

vacation on lake oconee

Lifeandrea2 Comments

We spent a few days in the middle of July celebrating Brian's mom's 50th birthday in the best way we knew the lake. On a pontoon boat. With mimosas...and wine...and champagne. By the pool. Eating steak. Spending quality time. 

We had such fun for 4 days, and wish we could have joined the family for the full week. Looking at these images has me longing to go back...right this minute.

We love you, Mom! 

xoxo, A+B

PS: the camera was passed equally between the two of us, so this is a nice mix of shots from both Brian and me.