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whitley designs | charlottesville commercial photography

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I have an ongoing relationship with Whitley Designs, so you're likely to see their lovely pieces pop up on this space of mine every now and then. Whitney and Hayley sent a few new pieces all the way from California for me to photograph a few weeks ago. I have such fun styling for these two ladies, who give me quite a bit of reign with creativity. The only rule we've set together is the neutral color palette, which keeps their website and marketing materials cohesive despite the variation in subject and props. These images are from sessions spanning the last 8 months, but they all still complement each other beautifully. You can see more Whitley Designs in my commercial portfolio.

You can purchase Whitley Designs from Sustain, Inc. in Charlottesville, at the Mistletoe Market on November 14th, or directly from their website.