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Hello there!  Welcome to my photo blog, and thank you for visiting.

Some of you may know me as the creator of Bella Eats, the recipe-sharing blog I started nearly two years ago. If you’ve come here from there...thank you. I appreciate your support in this new endeavor of mine.

As Bella Eats has grown these last 21 months so has my passion for photography. While being behind a camera has been natural to me since I was a young girl, there were several years in the last ten that were devoted solely to architecture and my pursuit of good design. I credit that background in architecture for the unique perspective I now have behind the camera.  My photographic intent is to marry modern styling with a natural aesthetic to produce timeless, evocative images that tell a story about the place, product, food or person I am capturing.

I am so excited to have this little space from which to share my current projects and inspiration, and hope you will check back often or subscribe to the RSS feed for updates. Until then, my portfolio is up-to-date with a sample of images from projects I've worked on this last year. 

And now, Brian and I are off to a vacation on Chincoteague Island! We'll say hello to Misty for you.