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sandy point

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Last June, the day after I photographed this wedding, I found myself on the eastern shore of Virginia. I'd been asked to visit the community of Sandy Point to capture the essence of a home and its surrounding landscape in 20 hours. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and I immediately got to work photographing this +100 years old building that once functioned as a bunk house at a ferry boat landing just down the point. I fell in love with the charming, unpretentious nature of the place: the real wood paneling, the campy feel, the treasures found and placed years ago. I stayed the night, shared a meal with the property owners and heard stories of fish and birds and watercraft. We even went night fishing, a quietly exhillerating sport that relies solely on the sense of feeling the line on your fingertips.  The next morning we rose with the sun, ventured back out on the water and captured the community at its shore.

In 20 hours I formed a connection with Sandy Point; to the water and the shore and the pine forest that reminds me of Florida. I hope to visit again, one day soon. You can, too, as the house will be available to rent for weekends and longer. When I have more information on how you can do just that, I will share it here. Until then...

Sandy Point.