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New Orleans!

Lifeandrea3 Comments

Five Days + New Orleans + Amazing Friends, Food, Music = Complete Joy.  Introducing...New Orleans.

Our visit included:

Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House (oysters)

Galatoire's (friday lunch)

Broussard's (bread pudding + banana's foster)

Deanie's (fried seafood)

Fritzel's (jazz)

Cafe du Monde (beignets)

Mother's (black ham biscuits, grits with debris)

Central Grocery (muffaletta)

Napoleon House (pimm's cup)

Cochon (pig)

Camelia Grill (omelets, waffles, burger)

Lafitte's (beer)

Johnny's Po-Boys (crawfish or alligator sausage po-boy)

Palace Cafe (bread pudding and cafe au lait)

Southern Candy Co. (pralines)

Butcher (sandwiches, pancetta mac + cheese, duck jerky)

Luke (charcuterie platter)

Cafe Beignet (beignets)

NOLA (duck confit pizza, abita-braised pork cheeks, smoked cheddar grits)