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living space 5 | a fry's spring family

This is the fifth installment of my living space series, in which I spend a few hours in a home capturing the details of the lives lived within its walls.

I was first introduced to Adrienne and her home when I photographed her children's playroom for Cville Abode. We have a mutual friend, Anita, and when I put a request on Facebook for my next living space home, Anita sent me Adrienne's information. I immediately recalled how much I loved the space she's created for her family, mostly from thrifting and salvaging unique pieces. This Fry's Spring bungalow nestled in the trees gave me the opportunity to really play with shadow, and I embraced the moodier feel of rooms when they are lit only by the light streaming through the craftsman windows. I love the subdued palette puncutuated by the ocassional pop of color and Adrienne's eye for spying beautiful pieces in unexpected places.

Thank you, Adrienne, for inviting me into your home!

If you have or know of a living space that you would like to see documented, please contact me here.

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Reader Comments (1)

I love my neighbors, Rob and Adrienne, and FINALLY got the full tour of this beautiful home of theirs last week! Adrienne told me about your blog post and I've been looking at it every day since for inspiration. Wonderful photographs, Andrea. This series of yours is fantastic.

09.9.2012 | Unregistered CommenterMeredith

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