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bridal session at hawthorn


I spent two days in West Virginia with the talented ladies of 224 Design and Dollilop Designs last month, creating images for a bridal marketing piece for Hawthorn. Unfortunately, it seems that this lovely place may never be open to the public. Regardless, I am pleased to have both Karen and Leslie in my life, and look forward to future collaborative projects with the talented duo.

The images created are meant to portray the essence of the orchards surrounding Hawthorn, and to give couples an idea of what their day would feel like if they chose this beautiful backdrop for their spring wedding.

published | edible blue ridge + c-ville weekly

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Check out the latest Edible Blueridge for a fantastic article about Free Union Grass Farm. Erica Hellen and Joel Slezak are the biggest producers of duck in our area, using Polyface-style farming which allows the birds to graze from one end of the field to another. I enjoyed meeting and photographing the two and their ducks while Natalie Russell, editor of Edible Blueridge, engaged them in conversation about their farm. The opportunity to meet local farmers is one of the many reasons I really, really love my job...

And last week's C-Ville Weekly featured a few Andrea Hubbell images as well. A torta di mele (apple tart) and the opportunity to meet Peter Hatch, the Director of Gardens and Grounds at Monticello made this my kind of issue.