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[self] portaits on chincoteague

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Because I am almost always behind the lens Brian and I have very few photographs of the two of us together. We decided to remedy the situation by bringing the tripod to the beach with us last weekend. We spent two evenings running back and forth between our chosen photo places and the camera, racing the 10 second timer. The light was luciously golden, the breeze surprisingly comfortable. I told myself I was practicing for an evening, shore-side wedding I am shooting in less than 2 weeks, but really we were just having a lot of fun. 

on the eastern shore

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Brian and I spent last weekend on Chincoteague, a place I've wanted to visit since I was ten years old and read all about Misty. The island was busier than we expected, packed full of tourists and mediocre restaurants. But our B&B was quaint, our breakfasts delicious, our time on the shore relaxing and pleasant. We loved the solitude we found in the protected landscape of Assateague, the quietness of the beach after a half-mile walk away from all the people. 

Here are some images from our very memorable weekend. I hope we return one day.