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christina + evan's lakeside wedding

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Christina and I have known each other since the fifth grade.  Fifth grade!  In high school we staged photo sessions; each of us dressing up and posing for the camera while the other clicked away behind the lens. We've kept in touch over the years but hadn't seen each other in quite some time until a mutual friend's wedding last Fall.  Things clicked right back into place and we've done a much better job of keeping in closer contact. Brian and I were introduced to Evan at that same wedding last October, and it was immediately apparent how perfect he and Christina are for each other. I was incredibly honored and excited when they asked me to photograph their wedding day.

Christina and Evan planned a small, simple ceremony at sunset on the shore of Jordan Lake, just outside Durham, North Carolina, on August 21. They invited a group of close friends and family to the ceremony, as well as their dogs! The guests stood on the shore as they watched their friends exchange vows by the water's edge while the dogs splashed in the distance. The light was perfect, the setting beautiful, the couple jubilant.

Congratulations Christina and Evan! Much love to you both.

The couple is storing this vintage loveseat for a friend, and wisely thought it would be perfect for some portraits before the wedding. are gorgeous! And you sure do know how to work the camera...

I think the shot below is my favorite...

Hmmm...or maybe this shot is my favorite?  So hard to choose...

Christina made the simple wedding banner for she and Evan to stand in front of.  It was perfect.

Pruett and Daphne, who mostly played in the water while their parents said 'I Do'.