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mark + adrienne | engagement session in charlottesville

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I met Mark and Adrienne on the day they met each other.  The three of us were about to embark on two years of graduate education in the School of Architecture at UVA, and just happened to strike up a conversation at Spring orientation. Here we are 4-1/2 years later - they are engaged to be married next Summer and I am honored to have been chosen to photograph the day. I can't help but to be excited by the subtle symbology present - the fact that the only other person witness to their first words to each other, the words that started a friendship and eventually a romance, will be the person to capture the moments of their wedding day. 

Brian and I had such fun photographing these two in locations that fit both of their personalities. Below are some of our favorites, but we had an incredibly hard time narrowing them down!  Mark and Adrienne - thank you for indulging us.  We are so looking forward to your wedding next Summer!

AHPhoto | at work

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Brian and I had such fun with Mark and Adrienne last weekend during their engagement photo session. There are so many beautiful images of the lovely fact, I am overwhelmed by the thought of narrowing down those that I will share on the AHPhoto Blog! In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of B and I in action with some hints at what is to come...

tommy + kristin | afton, va

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Last Saturday Brian and I spent the afternoon with our good friends Tommy + Kristin.  There was wine tasting.  And a picnic.  And more wine.

The weather was lovely.  It is starting to feel just a touch like Fall around here.  We took advantage and found some vines to play amongst, and after that a corn field. 

It was a good Saturday, one I hope to repeat very, very soon.  Thanks T + K, you were such fun to photograph!


[self] portaits on chincoteague

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Because I am almost always behind the lens Brian and I have very few photographs of the two of us together. We decided to remedy the situation by bringing the tripod to the beach with us last weekend. We spent two evenings running back and forth between our chosen photo places and the camera, racing the 10 second timer. The light was luciously golden, the breeze surprisingly comfortable. I told myself I was practicing for an evening, shore-side wedding I am shooting in less than 2 weeks, but really we were just having a lot of fun.