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beth + mike's fabulous philadelphia wedding

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Brian and I felt so very privileged to be guests at the wedding of two dear friends in Philadelphia the weekend before last. Beth and I were classmates at UVA, and she is one of the most amazing women I've ever met. Truly. I miss her terribly, and not-so-secretly hope that she and Mike and Brian and I wind up living in the same city again some day.

This wedding was so very Beth and Mike. The venue was the Bahdeebahdu Studio, an amazing space filled with light sculptures created using found, recycled, and salvaged objects. The bride and groom entered together, walked down an aisle defined by their closest friends and family to Beirut's Guyamas Sonora, and married themselves in the Quaker tradition. As they stood under an altar they handcrafted with the help of both of their grandmothers and read the vows they'd written for each other after 11 years together there was not a dry eye in the house. It was magical.

While I was not the official photographer, I couldn't help but to capture moments from this beautiful evening in an incredible space. A camera is the best accessory to evening attire, no? :)

Beth and Mike, much love to you both. xoxo.

Each of the pieces for these fabric pom-poms were cut by Beth and Mike and shipped to their grandmothers. The grandmothers assembled the poms and shipped them back to the couple, who strung them for their altar. So, so pretty.

The light sculptures at Bahdeebahdu are amazing. The studio is an old auto shop; a perfect lofty backdrop for such unique pieces.

The bride and groom performed a hot and sassy tango for their first dance. Beth's dress is 1950's vintage...and perfect.