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beyond the flavor | breakfast and pizza and pintos, oh my!


I've done a horrible job of keeping up with images from our features on Beyond the Flavor over here on the Andrea Hubbell blog. Be sure to check out these amazing people and their delicious recipes! 

And, if you're not familiar with Beyond the Flavor, here's what we're all about: Our mission is to inspire readers with the stories of Charlottesville's farmers, chefs, winemakers, and artisans told through beautiful photographs and evocative words, most often centered around their preparation and sharing of a meaningful meal.  By documenting who makes up this town that's so dedicated to the locavore movement, we aim to be the visual voice for everyone who believes that ideal nourishment comes from the earth, people, and passion within our own communities. (thank you, Megan Headley, for summing us up so perfectly.)

Now, go eat!

Will Richey, with Breakfast

Michael McCarthy, with Pizza and Chesapeake Baked Oysters

Leni Sorensen, with Pinto Bean Soup and Cracklin Cornbread

pizza + pasta + sandwiches oh my! | mona lisa pasta

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A continuation of my work with Mona Lisa Pasta (remember ravioli day?), I bring you a behind-the-scenes view of pizza and sandwich-making from one of the best lunch spots in town. Seriously...have you stopped in for a Val d'Aosta sandwich or a slice of their daily pizza?!? So delicious. Definitely our go-to lunch locale these days, especially when you're looking for something quick to take away with you.

After this session Jim sent me home with a variety of pastas and sauces, which I prepared and photographed in my studio. And then ate...over multiple days...of course. 

Enjoy! And then make a date to visit this fabulous shop. 

PS: these images will be used for the rebranding and new website of Mona Lisa Pasta, coming soon. For a preview, check out designer Matt Thomas's website.