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Scout is Out! Charlottesville Vol. 5

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A good part of my winter was spent working with Heather Halsey, editor of The Scout Guide - Charlottesville, to create the fifth volume in the beautiful Charlottesville series. What a pleasure!!! Each photo shoot was so different, with a wonderful variety of people, spaces, and products to capture. Below are a few of my favorite spreads.

Be sure to pick up the new book, available in shops and restaurants all over Charlottesville! You're sure to find inspiration cover-to-cover.

Thank you, Heather, Susie and Christy for folding me into your awesome team!  xoxo.

Our team: Heather Halsey + Andrea Hubbell.  Many thanks to Cramer Photo for capturing my portrait. :)

SCARPA | spring!

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It is no secret that I adore SCARPA. For the last few months I've been documenting Spring in the shop with the help of the talented Kai'li, SCARPA blogger, social media extrordinaire, and stylist. It has been such a pleasure to spend a couple of hours in the shop each week with her, soaking in the beauty of the space and their merchandise. 


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It is no secret that I am a big fan of Amy Gardner and her shop, SCARPA. Amy's latest adventure involves an Airstream called CARLO (The first name of the Italian architect that SCARPA is named after, which also happens to be the Italian translation of 'shoe'. So clever, that Amy.). CARLO was fabulously refurbished as a SCARPA on wheels and was parked in the Barracks Road North parking lot for a couple of days last week. Featured inside were pieces by local Charlottesville artists, including one of my other favorite people, jewelry designer Linda van der Linde. 

Keep up with CARLO's adventures and scheduled appearances on the SCARPA blog!

fall at scarpa

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Autumn has arrived. She is evident in the gray skies, fallen leaves, and within the walls of SCARPA. I am loving the vivid pops of sapphire, magenta, and coral mixed with the season's best neutrals. Warning, the images below could result in the lightening of your wallet...

[by the way...the SCARPA website was designed and built by my oh-so-talented husband!]

scarpa | feeling like fall

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Scarpa, a lovely Charlottesville boutique, is about to launch an online store!  My friend Amy asked me to capture some images that embodied the look and feel of the shop - in her words, "yummy" photographs that would draw people in and make Scarpa stand out on the web.  Sarah, Scarpa manager with a background in fashion design, has a wonderful eye for style and was such fun to work with.  This was her modeling debut!  I can't wait to get her outside for a Fall fashion lifestyle shoot.

What do you think...are you ready to shop?