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published | Inspired Magazine

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I am so very excited to finally be able to share these images!  Last Spring I was contracted to style and photograph a summer meal created by Chef Mike Peterson of Mount Vernon Farm for Inspired, the Willowsford Virginia Lifestyle publication. I spent the day in my friend Stephanie's kitchen as she slaved away making the entire menu twice.  She's a trooper, that one.  I learned so much from the experience, including that it is a little crazy to prep, style, and photograph 4 individual recipes, and then to do it all over again for the big overhead table shot, all in one day.  Next time, we won't be so ambitious and will give ourselves more time, or more hands in the kitchen.  But, we ate well that evening, and slept deeply that night!  

I am very proud of the resulting images and the 5-page spread in Inspired. Many thanks to my friends at Piedmont Media for recommending me for this shoot, to Amy for loaning me fabulous props, to Stephanie for cooking, to Brian for helping me build the pallet table, and to Evan for keeping Steph and I supplied with wine at the end of the day.  This was very much a group effort and could never have been accomplished without each one of you!