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Living Space | A Family Home in Greenwood

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I adore this home outside of Charlottesville in Greenwood, VA. The Abbots have called this house, built 180 years ago as the Greenwood School for Boys, their home for nearly twenty years. Their three girls grew up here, as have their golden retreivers, leaving traces of family in every room. A true Living Space in every way, when I visited last December I knew I needed to return to document this special place.

The house itself is dripping with character, from uneven plaster walls to exposed beams across the ceilings, and is adorned with the simple, chic style of a family who loves comfort, nature and art. Each room is comfortably bright even on the grayest of days, nearly causing me to give in to the desire to curl up with a book or magazine on a slip-covered chair in a light-filled corner. With the family dogs pressing their noses to the glass doors, I moved through each room slowly and meticulously, taking moments to sit on a couch, touch a blanket, and observe the art on the walls, trying my best to imagine how the family who lives here inhabits each space.

Welcome to the Abbots'!

Living Space is a personal project inspired by real spaces being inhabited by real people in a very real way. If you know of a home that would be a good subject for this series, please get in touch with me, here.

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published | a room of one's own

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To follow my images of Cate's home, I wanted to share this image from the March issue of Abode. It is the space of Iñaki Alday, chair of the Department of Architecture at UVA, and partner in the firm owned by he and his wife, aldayjover. I love this quote that Cate captured from Iñaki:

"A compliment we received from a photographer once was that our work is hard to photograph. We think this is good. It means the qualities are not obvious and staged in a way that looks like a set. I have a hard time with spaces that are designed only to look great in a photograph. Rooms are meant to be lived in." - Iñaki Alday

looking back on 2011

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The last was my first full year devoting 100% of my working time to Andrea Hubbell Photography. Looking back on the last 12 months I can't help but feel proud, humbled, and most of all, so very appreciative. For having the opportunity to chase this big, BIG dream. For all of the people who have made this my reality. For all of you..the family, friends, clients, and colleagues who have put your trust in me. And for Brian, without whom none of this would be possible. 

2010 was for making changes and a big, big leap. 2011 for chasing dreams and surviving. 2012 will be for seizing the reins, being proactive, taking chances...challenging myself to be and do better, every single day.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, inspiring 2012!

[here are some of my favorites from 2011...thank you, each one of you, for an amazing year!]


published | Inspired Magazine

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I am so very excited to finally be able to share these images!  Last Spring I was contracted to style and photograph a summer meal created by Chef Mike Peterson of Mount Vernon Farm for Inspired, the Willowsford Virginia Lifestyle publication. I spent the day in my friend Stephanie's kitchen as she slaved away making the entire menu twice.  She's a trooper, that one.  I learned so much from the experience, including that it is a little crazy to prep, style, and photograph 4 individual recipes, and then to do it all over again for the big overhead table shot, all in one day.  Next time, we won't be so ambitious and will give ourselves more time, or more hands in the kitchen.  But, we ate well that evening, and slept deeply that night!  

I am very proud of the resulting images and the 5-page spread in Inspired. Many thanks to my friends at Piedmont Media for recommending me for this shoot, to Amy for loaning me fabulous props, to Stephanie for cooking, to Brian for helping me build the pallet table, and to Evan for keeping Steph and I supplied with wine at the end of the day.  This was very much a group effort and could never have been accomplished without each one of you!

roxie daisy

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Have you been to Roxie Daisy in downtown Charlottesville yet? Such a fabulous shop! I am so excited to have a new option for home decor and styling here locally. Karen has fabulous taste...I have a very long wishlist of items she's hand selected for her store that I need in my home. The space and merchandise are beautifully styled by Wendy Umanoff, who worked with us for this day-long shoot. These images are to be used for the new Roxie Daisy website, which is in design and development by Adam of Land of Yogg.  This was such a fun team to work with...I am really proud of the final images and can't wait to see them on the new site!

fall at scarpa

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Autumn has arrived. She is evident in the gray skies, fallen leaves, and within the walls of SCARPA. I am loving the vivid pops of sapphire, magenta, and coral mixed with the season's best neutrals. Warning, the images below could result in the lightening of your wallet...

[by the way...the SCARPA website was designed and built by my oh-so-talented husband!]