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Scout is Out! Charlottesville Vol. 5

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A good part of my winter was spent working with Heather Halsey, editor of The Scout Guide - Charlottesville, to create the fifth volume in the beautiful Charlottesville series. What a pleasure!!! Each photo shoot was so different, with a wonderful variety of people, spaces, and products to capture. Below are a few of my favorite spreads.

Be sure to pick up the new book, available in shops and restaurants all over Charlottesville! You're sure to find inspiration cover-to-cover.

Thank you, Heather, Susie and Christy for folding me into your awesome team!  xoxo.

Our team: Heather Halsey + Andrea Hubbell.  Many thanks to Cramer Photo for capturing my portrait. :)

living space | abby kasonik and roderick coles

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This is the home of Abby Kasonik and Roderick Coles. I knew before I stepped across the threshold that their home would be extraordinary. She's an artist, he owns The Curious Orange, and together they've created a living space filled with a collection of furniture, art, and objects that reflect the creativity that drives their life. I first met Abby when I photographed her backyard studio for Cville Abode. She invited me into her home for a tour and I immediately fell head over heels for her style. Lush fabrics, dark wood, gilded mirrors, found objects and giant house plants had me swooning in each room we entered. I am so grateful that she agreed to be part of my living space project, inviting me back on a cold morning two weeks ago.

These images are not styled. Abby understood my intention to capture details of the life lived within the walls of her home, and purposefully refrained from throwing out flowers past their prime or removing laundry from an upstairs bed. I adore her. Because the point of this project is not to capture perfect, spotless interiors. The point is to capture real life in an evocative way. To attempt to insert myself into these spaces and see them the way their owners' do. To sit on the couch and take a moment to look around, to let the light hitting the pillow beside my shoulder move me to capture an image of that one little detail that makes sitting on that couch, in that space, at that time...special.

Abby and Rod, thank you for allowing me into your life for one morning. I hope these images evoke the same emotion for you as they do for me.

If you have or know of a living space that would photograph well for this series, please contact me here.

5 living space | a fry's spring family

4 living space | an artist's home in charlottesville

living space | young house love

living space | amy's house

living space | two designers in charlottesville

ginny + wes | married 09.29.12 in abingdon, va!

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Ginny + Wes were married in Abingdon, Virginia on September 29, 2012! The sky threatened rain throughout the day, but cooperated and delivered a sunshine-filled ceremony and walk to the neighboring reception just after. Autumn had just arrived in Abingdon, kissing the trees with hints of red and orange. Ginny's grandmother graciously offered up her home - an incredible structure that functioned as a bank during the Civil War - for the reception. Guests nibbled on small bites throughout the evening, and many of them hit the dance floor for a party worthy of the very happy couple.  Wes even jumped on stage to reunite with his former band, charming his new bride in the crowd below.

Ginny + Wes...we have so enjoyed getting to know you these last few months! Congratulations on your new chapter and life in Charlottesville...we want to get together for whiskey at the C+O very soon!  xoxo, A+B.

SCARPA | spring!

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It is no secret that I adore SCARPA. For the last few months I've been documenting Spring in the shop with the help of the talented Kai'li, SCARPA blogger, social media extrordinaire, and stylist. It has been such a pleasure to spend a couple of hours in the shop each week with her, soaking in the beauty of the space and their merchandise. 

published | edible blue ridge - art of charcuterie

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This season's issue of Edible Blue Ridge has a feature article about of my favorite subjects!  Many thanks to Collin Donnelly and The Red Hen in Lexington for this fun and informative photo shoot. And for the dinner it inspired a month later at The Red Hen, during which we (Brian, Sarah, Matt, and I) consumed one of those pig heads shown below.  Yes...we did.  And it was amazing!!!

studio ten15 | custom letterpress studio in charlottesville

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Meet Debbie, my talented friend behind Studio Ten15 in Charlottesville. We met in architecture school at UVA, where we collaborated for a semester on ecoMOD and Debbie met her husband, Tom. It was while designing and creating their wedding invitations that Debbie fell in love with the art of letterpress and decided to start her own company, named for their wedding date. I love her sweet + clever designs, especially those featuring sketches from her travels while in school. She is working on several wedding invitation suites at the moment and I can't wait to see the final designs.

We spent an afternoon together while Debbie pressed custom notecards for AHPhoto, featuring my new logo designed by Rock Paper Scissors. I am completely in love with the cards, and am going to have a hard time parting with them! It's a good thing that Studio Ten15 is right around the corner...

Thank you, Debbie, for sharing your art with me and letting me press a few of my own cards. I am so excited to watch you grow!

published | a room of one's own

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To follow my images of Cate's home, I wanted to share this image from the March issue of Abode. It is the space of Iñaki Alday, chair of the Department of Architecture at UVA, and partner in the firm owned by he and his wife, aldayjover. I love this quote that Cate captured from Iñaki:

"A compliment we received from a photographer once was that our work is hard to photograph. We think this is good. It means the qualities are not obvious and staged in a way that looks like a set. I have a hard time with spaces that are designed only to look great in a photograph. Rooms are meant to be lived in." - Iñaki Alday

julie + kevin | a new york engagement session

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Meet Julie + Kevin, a fun, artistic couple living in the cutest apartment in Brooklyn. They are getting married April 28 (a date very special to Brian and I...our own wedding anniversary!) in Richmond, but I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to photograph them in their adopted city two weeks ago. We share many interests - food, art, mid-century modern furniture to name a few - and spent a great afternoon in Brooklyn and Coney Island. There may have been an amazing Italian lunch. And hot dogs at Nathan's. And a meat pie. (Did I mention that we all love food?)

It was a frigid day to stand on the beach in the piercing wind, but the light was incredible and these two rocked our session.  Julie + Kevin, we are so very excited for your wedding in April, our first of 2012! 

hawthorn inn + orchard

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I am thrilled to be part of an amazing team of women working to create Hawthorn Inn + Orchard in Summit Point, WV. The historic 1800's home, surrounded immediately by hawthorn trees and peripherally by 200+ acres of apple orchard, underwent an impressive renovation in 2008 and will become a destination inn later this year. I traveled to West Virginia in early January to meet the team and to capture the essence of Hawthorn in the Winter. It was the coldest, windiest day, but my memories of that 24 hours are filled with warmth and excitement for what's to come.

I will visit Hawthorn multiple times this year to create a complete set of images that tell the story of this magical place in all seasons. Truly, I can't wait to get back.

Welcome, to Hawthorn Inn + Orchard.